The Intellmaps story: how it all started and where we are today


Intellmaps is intrinsically linked to its founder Ladislav Čapek and his passion for maps from an early age. He studied geodesy at the Czech Technical University, where he worked as a PhD student. He studied at the exotic Cairo University and 3D geoinformation systems in Aalborg, Denmark. He lived in the USA for 7 years, 5 of which were spent on internships including the world famous Silicon Valley. He has been in the geoinformation field for over 30 years in various places on the planet

A long entrepreneurial journey has led to Intellmaps’ current success. In 2009, Ladislav founded the startup Geosense (later Cleerio), with which he graduated from prestigious accelerators, received investments in the order of millions of euros and eventually exited the company. Ladislav subsequently worked in the industry at two multinational corporations while completing a Swiss MBA at an American university. All this experience has been translated into the new company Intellmaps, with whose innovative products he has been successfully conquering the European and global market since 2020.

A major milestone came in April 2021, when Intellmaps became part of the European Space Agency’s incubator ESA-BIC with an indoor navigation project.

Another milestone in February 2022 was the absolute victory in the 5G competition for 5 cities with the Intellmaps Digital Twin product for digitizing buildings, which enabled the company to establish close cooperation with many cities and municipalities in the smart city solutions segment.

We currently use state-of-the-art laser scanning technology for buildings using a mobile scanner.