We are Intellmaps

Technological startup including a team of professionals who like to work with maps

Local Government

We are able to solve local government problems with asset management, work with land register data, and with our unique technology we can display planning and zoning data or historical maps and photographs.

Location Intelligence

Do you have networks of branches or are you planning an expansion or optimization? Thanks to Intellmaps tools you would be able analyze the potential of current and future places where to focus. We would take care of input data for analysis such as points of interest within areas or data about the movement of potential customers from mobile operators. We would provide all those results through an easy to use application, which you would be able to use thanks to our interface with fast analysis tools.

Indoor Asset Management

We provide our customers with complex services from measuring floor plans in 2D, 3D digital twin, up to creating BIM (Building Information Management) models. Intellmaps users use intuitive applications which can work on tablets, desktops and mobiles. We are able to combine data from sensors (Internet of Things) and Indoor Navigation. Our unique niche on the market is seamless outdoor/indoor navigation. Our advantage is being able to do virtual and augmented reality.

About Intellmaps

We are a technological startup including a team of professionals who like to work with maps. We started our work in March 2020, just a few weeks before the COVID crises. In spite of that, we were able to get several satisfied clients from segments of local government, location intelligence and asset management of buildings. Our vision is to be able to provide the latest high tech, cutting edge technologies, which are easy to use and full of interactive features. We are able to work with big data, Internet of Things, virtual and augmented reality and seamless outdoor/indoor navigation.

The Founder

My name is Ladislav Capek and even as a small kid I loved maps. My love for maps has stayed with me since those days when I was in the professional field of maps, in different places around the world for more than 20 years. I studied Geodesy at Czech Technical University in Prague, and then as PhD. student, I studied at Cairo University in Egypt and 3D Geographical Information Systems at Aalborg University in Denmark. I lived in the United States for 7 years.  I spent 5 years on internships in Idaho and later on also in the heart of IT in Silicon Valley.

I began a successful startup with international expansion and won a few prestigious accelerators including one in Silicon Valley. We received investor funds in several millions of EURs. I used to work in two international corporations and earned a Swiss MBA at American University in Prague. All those work experiences and clear vision I just moved for our customers into a new project called Intellmaps. I strongly believe that with all the innovative products of Intellmaps, our customers would be more than satisfied. Thank you for your favour.

Chrbonin uses Intellmaps for asset management of their inventory such as water and sewage, working with land register data, planning and zoning and approximately 30 other agencies with about 100 data layers. Thanks to our easy to use application, everybody within city hall is able to find the information they need.

Municipality of Chrbonin

Sazka is the largest lottery company in the Czech Republic with more than 7000 terminals. Sazka asked us to help with location analysis regarding the computation of potential current and future expansion areas. Thanks to Intellmaps easy to use application, Sazka’s management can analyze whether it makes business sense to add new terminals at new locations within seconds.


Prosek hospital is one of the largest daily care hospitals in Prague with ambulant care. There are more than 500 rooms and the top management needs to solve the challenging problem of how to keep track of all the room’s records, all rentals of rooms and the inspection of expiration dates for fire extinguishers. Thanks to the shared and intuitive application of Intellmaps, they get all notifications about upcoming inspections, and all data is easy to use on our map based app.

Prosek hospital


Intellmaps has won the competition for the prestigious incubator ESA (European Space Agency).

What does it mean for us? Intellmaps would get financial resources for planned software development, international PR, office space at the incubator itself, mentoring and consulting hours with top experts and also open the door to the whole ESA – BIC ecosystem.

We would also like to thank the panel for approving Intellmaps, due to our senior team, the experienced leader Ladislav Capek, our innovative application, risk management and sustainable business model.

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