Intellmaps Digital Twin
for companies

Digitizing buildings makes an otherwise inefficient and complex job
easier for companies with paper documents and complicated
data sets. The move to digitise not just buildings but entire operations is
in line with with current trends, in particular the Industry 4.0 concept.

Why a digital twin for businesses?

  • There are not enough comprehensive tools or solutions on the market to facilitate asset management and provide new possibilities in mapping existing buildings and halls, development projects and residential complexes, shopping centres, manufacturing sites, or to significantly help in optimizing production areas and processes
  • Digitisation of buildings facilitates the otherwise inefficient and complex work with paper documents and complicated data sets that are stored in many locations and managed by different administrators
  • In the case of production facilities and related processes, the digitisation of buildings is the right step towards meeting the objectives of the current trends in the Industry 4.0 concept

Our solution

  • Intellmaps delivers digital asset management solutions in the form of a unique combination of technology (hardware) and software (SaaS)
  • We create a “digital twin” of a building, which is a combination of big data sets of point clouds, 360° imagery and 2D technical maps, including CAD/BIM integration, in a cloud-based online application
  • In practice, this involves targeting with a special mobile laser scanner – a unique technology with the features of a precision GPS with cm accuracy, 360° imagery (indoor “street view”), two laser scanners (each with a scanning speed of 300,000 points/s), a gyroscope (inertial measurement unit IMU) and SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) technology for precise measurement inside the building

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