Intellmaps Digital Twin
for municipalities

In state and public administration, most entities lack any kind of construction 
documentation. If any data exists, it is either in paper treasures, pdf files or in complex 
data formats, that do not allow easy working and sharing. We offer a solution.

Why a digital twin building?

  • There are thousands of buildings in the public sector without any digital building documentation
  • If there is any data, it is in complex formats (CAD/BIM) that do not allow easy work and sharing due to the lack of a simple tool
  • There are also not enough tools or smart technology solutions on the market to facilitate the management of public administration assets
  • Legislation places great emphasis on the need to digitise public administration, e.g. the obligation to submit data in the BIM standard for over-limit public construction contracts

Our solution

  •  Intellmaps digital twin brings a unique combination of digital asset management solutions to public institutions
  • Building scanning technology (hardware) and online software (our web application)
  • We create a so-called digital twin of a building, which is a combination of data acquired with special equipment and existing documents (CAD/BIM) or scanned paper plans
  • In practice, it is a time-saving survey with a special mobile laser scanner with GPS precision features to 10 cm, a 360° camera for indoor “street view”, two laser scanners, a gyroscope and SLAM technology for precise measurement inside the building

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