Intellmaps Digital Twin

The building’s digital twin is used to asset management.
Our cloud-based solution will simplify your work and save you money.
We map buildings with a unique mobile laser scanner.
We integrate all spatial data of your infrastructure into an online application.
Thanks to many layers and modules, you get a comprehensive tool according to your needs.

Intellmaps digital twin
for municipalities

In state and public administration, most entities lack any kind of construction documentation. If any data exists, it is either in paper treasures, pdf files or in complex data formats, that do not allow easy working and sharing. We offer a solution.


Intellmaps digital twin
for companies

Digitising buildings makes it easier for companies to deal with otherwise inefficient and complex paper documents and complicated data sets. The move to digitalise not only buildings but entire operations is in line with current trends, particularly the Industry 4.0 concept.


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